Who Still Eats Bread and Soup

Stage play, lead role 2016

The play "Who Still Eats Bread and Soup" examines the modern family at the very moment of a well-known phenomenon - the exhausting debates that come to light after the death of parents. The formal and legal division of property in this play leads to a final separation and dissolution within the family, so there is no longer any salvation left. This piece talks about three generations of women in one family, and it also problematizes the relationship between mother and daughter, as well as all expectations from that relation.

Screenplay by Tijana Grumić
Directed by Tara Manić
VGIK Festival, Moscow

Recreating the Lost Theatre

Musical drama performance, Summer Art School 2016

Two theatrical plays "Recreating the Lost Theatre" and "The Hill of Contemplation: Revealing City's Hidden Past" aimed at fostering the diversity of artistic expression, and at the same time presenting a platform for meeting students of art and their common interdisciplinary work.

Beyond Every Border
Summer School of the University of Arts
Belgrade, 15th to 22nd July, 2016

Sandy Bitches of Mars

Stage play, lead role 2017

With much spare time, characters in the play 'Sandy Bitches of Mars' are one day faced with electricity failure in the gaming room where they are stuck in the middle of the storm happening outside. All of the sudden appears girl named Marija, trying to find the shelter until the storm passes. From this moment onwards, begins the main moral conflict of this 'utopia'.

12th Festival of International Student Theatre
FIST12 Production
Screenplay by Andrija Lakić
Directed by Pavle Terzić

Two-Scented Rose

Stage play, lead role 2017

This piece by the mesmerical writer Emilio Carbadillo "Rosa de dos Aromas" tells a lovely story about two women who decide to finally take their life destinies into their own hands! In this satire, scenes change with an increasing tempo and frequency, including split-second lighting decisions and intensity that builds around the voices of the two characters who constantly top each other. Merged by the acquisition of circumstances and inclined to work together, protagonists seek to save money for their way to freedom. Unfortunately, they discover that such sacrifice comes to a high price... This is Dunja's graduation performance masterpiece.

Faculty of Dramatic Arts Belgrade


Stage play, lead role 2018

A modern adaption of Sophocle's tragedy in which the heroine's ecstasy opens the cosmos and spreads the vision of freedom beyond everyday duties.

Directed by Patrik Lazić
Belgrade Drama Theatre


Short film, co-lead role 2018

The film touches on themes of identity, as well as how people often travel without any real understanding of the reality of life in different places. In this short fiction, a business traveller strikes up an unusual relationship with the hotel chambermaid (Dunja Stojanovic), only to find the next morning that she is not what she seems.

At LA Shorts International Film Festival 2019, Housekeeping has won movie award for Best Comedy.

Directed by Andrew Margetson
Moth Productions

3D Character MoCap Animations

Take One Production

Desperado3 (Characters: Voodoo, Kate, generic female, Devitt)
House party (generic female)
SpellSouls: Duel of Legends (Trailer for Nordeus, characters: Lyra)