Short film, co-lead role 2018

The film touches on themes of identity, as well as how people often travel without any real understanding of the reality of life in different places. In this short fiction, a business traveller strikes up an unusual relationship with the hotel chambermaid (Dunja Stojanovic), only to find the next morning that she is not what she seems.

At LA Shorts International Film Festival 2019, Housekeeping has won movie award for Best Comedy.

It has also won Audience award at Artis-Naples international festival in 2019 and Best International Film at “Love you shorts” film festival in 2020.

Directed by Andrew Margetson
Moth Productions

Ugly, Dirty and Bad

Stage play, supporting role Dora 2021

An Italian dark comedy, based on elements of neorealism, premiered in 1976. In the same year, the movie won the award for best director at the Cannes Film Festival."Ugly, Dirty and Bad" is a story about people from the margins, a huge family that lives in a crowded shack and unhygienic settlement on the outskirts of Rome. The main character, the one-eyed Giacinto, is also the head of a family composed of four generations, which supports itself through theft and prostitution.

Material poverty is an introduction to emotional, moral misery that reduces people to mere existence and instincts.

Directed by Lenka Udovicki
Belgrade Drama Theatre

The Mississippi Flows Quietly

Stage play, 2021

Written by Vladimir Tabašević, "Mississippi Flows Quietly" (shortlisted for the NIN award in 2015), for which he also received the regional award "Mirko Kovač", completes the story of one state, century and idea, offering audience a devastating intimate balance of their end. In prose, history and intimacy intertwine, both personally and ideologically, depicting the end of a century and the disintegration of a society.

Directed by Ivica Buljan
Belgrade Drama Theatre

It's Not It

Stage play, 2021

Created in cooperation of Belgrade Drama Theatre with SARTR from Sarajevo, Zeta House from Cetinje and International Theatre Festival MESS, this play has been going on for more than a year and it is based on a rewrite of well-known scenes through the prism of a relationship between myth and modern circumstances in the Balkans, building a bridge between West and East.

"It's not Faust Studies" by Simona Semenic was made for the viewer's contemplation, for his associations and fantasies.

Directed by Tomi Janežič
Belgrade Drama Theatre

Liliom (The Lily)

Stage play, supporting role 2021

First performed at the Belgrade Drama Theater in October 1952 under the title "Legend of the Lily" and directed by Predrag Dinulović, this play continues Ferenc Molnar's heritage as one of the most frequently set pieces throughout Hungary.

Molnar's sentimental tragicomedy is an example of the so-called trivial, boulevard drama. Its heroes are people who live on the sidelines of life. It is a poetic work about love. A man and a woman from the margins are caught in a whirlwind of unarticulated love, which is resisted by common sense and the miles in which they are trapped.

"It is touching, self-destructive and it is not possible in this time or in this life."

Directed by Ana Tomović
Belgrade Drama Theatre


Stage play, co-lead role Luise 2021

"Baal" is Brecht's first full-length play, written at the very end of the Great War. Directed by the esteemed and multi-award winning Slovenian director Diego De Brea, this play shows elements of the dramaturgical techniques of "epic theater". Brecht composed some musical sequences himself for the play and Belgrade still mentions the cult play by Eduard Miller, made more than thirty years ago.

Directed by Diego De Brea
Belgrade Drama Theatre


Stage play, lead role 2018

A modern adaption of Sophocle's tragedy in which the heroine's ecstasy opens the cosmos and spreads the vision of freedom beyond everyday duties.

Directed by Patrik Lazić
Belgrade Drama Theatre

Who Still Eats Bread and Soup

Stage play, lead role 2016

The play "Who Still Eats Bread and Soup" examines the modern family at the very moment of a well-known phenomenon - the exhausting debates that come to light after the death of parents. The formal and legal division of property in this play leads to a final separation and dissolution within the family, so there is no longer any salvation left. This piece talks about three generations of women in one family, and it also problematizes the relationship between mother and daughter, as well as all expectations from that relation.

Screenplay by Tijana Grumić
Directed by Tara Manić
VGIK Festival, Moscow

Recreating the Lost Theatre

Musical drama performance, Summer Art School 2016

Two theatrical plays "Recreating the Lost Theatre" and "The Hill of Contemplation: Revealing City's Hidden Past" aimed at fostering the diversity of artistic expression, and at the same time presenting a platform for meeting students of art and their common interdisciplinary work.

Beyond Every Border
Summer School of the University of Arts
Belgrade, 15th to 22nd July, 2016

3D Character MoCap Animations

Take One Production

Dunja specializes in Motion Capture character animation for movies and video games, allowing her to express creativity in an act of recording of actor's movement and applying it to a 3D character. Below are some of the projects she's worked on:

Desperados III (Characters: Voodoo, Kate, generic female, Devitt)
House Party (generic female)
SpellSouls: Duel of Legends (Trailer for Nordeus, characters: Lyra)

Cartoon Voice Acting

As a native American speaker and a professional actor, Dunja specializes in voice acting for animations and cartoons on children's television networks and YouTube.

While participating in many ongoing projects, she has also successfully brought to life many popular cartoon characters from Shopkins, Hellen’s Little School, Annedroids, Kaeloo (S01, S02, S03), Rainbow Rangers (S01, S02), Little People, Emmy and Gooroo (S01, S02), Beyblade and more.

If you want to hear a sample of her work, click on the audio file.